And I,

I live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Behind me lays a healthy, cheerful and happily lived past and a hopeful, well planned future with full of energy waits ahead.

My profession ( to which I’m totaly dedicated and practice with passion is concentrated on the hope of supporting innocent, emotional side of life; the hearts, especially the hearts of babies.

My endless curiuosity for learning led me to develop hobbies. Diving into the underwater world as a professional instructor, and being amazed by that special colourful heaven, I was inspired to develop my photograhy into a profession.

As a consequence my vacations metamorphosed into exotic, cultural, and energetic trips. I was touched at the very first sight, and continue to be astonished by the cultural mysteries and the daily life of the far east, which are in perfect harmony with the nature.


When I look back and see the rainbow, I realise how spoiled I am by the colours I possess. As fort the rest, I continue to paint with joy.

Sometimes we ask ourselves ‘what is the rest?’ but that is not the right question. There are many untaken frames of which I neither know the composition, nor the colours of...



Cardiovascular Surgeon

Pediatric and congenital heart surgeon


Underwater Photographer

Yacht Captain (Pleasure Craft Operator)

CMAS Instructor

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Deep Diver Instructor

Search and Recovery Diver instructor

Wreck Diver Instructor

Enriched Air Diver Instructor

Night Diver Instructor

Underwater Navigator Instructor


Scuba Diving (Instructor)



Skii (Referee)



International Relations

Political Science